Friday, February 29, 2008

Dance Lessons Part Deux!

Since I wasn't thrilled with the first price I was quoted and not really crazy about the guy's sales approach, I got info from another place.

This place is very close to my home. The guy I spoke to was really nice and really helpful. 1hour private lesson for J and I would be $55. Now, that is $5 more per lesson than the first place, but....we aren't required to take 5 lessons. So, if we feel like we've got the hang of it after 3 lessons, we're done. If we want to take more, we can.

I liked the instructor when I spoke with him on the phone. He didn't try to hard sell and he was understanding that J is a bit apprehensive about the dancing.

So, I'm going to let J know and see what he thinks. I'll still check out some other places' prices, but so far, I like this particular one.

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