Monday, February 11, 2008

Jr Bridesmaid Dresses

So I did a little internet browsing today and found a few cute dresses for Elly (my Jr. Bridesmaid).

This one is from JCPenney. It's not actually an "occasion" dress, but I love the color, pattern, and style. It's gold with a flowery pattern. I also like that the length is similar to my bridesmaid dress...and if I choose to go with a sash for the girls, this dress will also have that element.

So far, this is definitely my favorite.

This dress available in a variety of colors that would match the other girls' dresses. It looks a little too "grown-up" to me, though. I think it's the two-tones and the sash I like.

I found this on Jordan Fashions website. They actually have a lot of cute dresses for girls. I might have to take a look at their bridal collection, too!

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