Monday, February 18, 2008


I call bullsh*t on all this wedding etiquette crap!

A book one of my attendants, Sarah, loaned me says maybe, "you've found a great wedding dress that happens to be backless - and your mother is shocked."

What!?!? Are you kidding me? Are there really still people out there who hold onto these ridiculous virgin ideas?

This same exact book considers cohabitation a "special circumstance" (I kid you's in the chapter called Special Circumstances). Apparently, if you've been cohabitating, "some discretion is in order." Apparently I should "opt for a somewhat quiet wedding without all the fanfare," because since we lived together, my wedding must not be as special as someone else's. WTF!

The author also covers information for different religious ceremonies, but completely ignores secular ceremonies and some of the options available to the couple.

This book is called Your Complete Wedding Planner: The Essential Guide to Planning Every Phase of Your Wedding and the Events That Surround It by Marjabelle Young Stewart (updated and revised edition).

Now there is some helpful information in the book about things like the receiving line, attire, accessories and planning, but I think this author should keep her old-fashioned, out-dated, and closed-minded opinions to herself!!!

I call BULLSH*T!!!

Sarah did loan me another book, the Check List for a Perfect Wedding, 6th ed., by Barbara Lee Follett and Loulie Hyde Sutro. This book is much less offensive to me. It's just brass tacks - no opinions that I didn't ask for!

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