Sunday, March 2, 2008

Engagement Dream

I had a dream last night that J proposed. The way he did it was very...uneventful. He just kind of put a box in my face, opened it, and asked me if I'd marry him. It didn't seem to matter though. I asked him if he was serious...finally! Then, I looked at the ring as we put it on my finger. It was...UGLY. I mean, super-ugly. The ugliest ring I'd ever seen. LOL.

It was this huge, thick, wide, heavy gold men's ring with 3 diamonds in a diagonal pattern across the face. I can't describe how awful it was. I just remember it being huge, and it weighed a ton.

I was still ridiculously excited, but I did manage to tell him I'd like us to look for a more petite ring, if possible. He said ok.

The whole thing was just strange.

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