Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Wedding Shower Ideas

To offset some of my last post's negativity/ranting, I've decided to blog today about wedding showers.

I used to want an afternoon tea shower, but recently, I've discovered that they are ridiculously popular, and I'm rethinking that idea.

Some other popular themes that seem to be strewn about the internet and wedding books include:
Around the Clock
Stock the Bar
Wine Tasting

Honestly, the only ones that kind of tickle my fancy are the Stock the Bar and Wine Tasting showers, but I'm a little concerned that some of my family members wouldn't go for it. Also, my mom wouldn't be able to participate in tasting drinks.

Soo...I got to thinking...

While the shower isn't entirely my say (whoever my MoH is plans it, hopefully with my input), I was thinking about some alternate ideas, like the following.

Pajama Shower!
So far, this is my fave. We could do a late afternoon shower in our pj's! We could ask all the guests to dress in their comfiest or silliest pj's. We could do bedroom slippers or eye masks for favors! Food could include girlie stuff like chocolate and junk food...OR...we could do it early morning and offer breakfast foods. I think I like the breakfast foods better...as it makes a menu much easier. I'm not really into the idea of a gift theme, so we could simply refer our guests to the registry, then maybe do pj's/lingerie/bedroom items for the wishing well...

1st Year Shower
Admittedly, I took my inspiration for this idea from the Around the Clock theme. Instead of focusing on gifts for each hour of the day, why not gifts for each month of the couple's first marital year together? Party favors could include calendars or date books. We could decorate each table as a different month...though I don't think I'd have 12 tables...but I'm sure we could work something out. It's not as fun as the pajama party, but I still like it!

Craft Shower
I don't know how well this would go over. I personally love arts and crafts, but I know many people would rather have a tooth pulled than make a craft. I haven't done a lot of thinking about this one yet because it's most likely not going to float.

Book Shower
We could ask each guest to bring with them a copy of their favorite book for the wishing well. Since J and I both like to read, stocking our "library" would be nice. Hehe. Party favors could include bookmarks or little reading lights. For shower games, we could do a story-go-round that uses the bride and groom as main characters. Oooh...I'm beginning to really like this one! Hehe. Centerpieces could be stacks of books with candles or maybe desk lamps on top.

Hollywood Shower
We could roll out a red carpet for guests to walk upon as they enter. We could ask them to dress to the nines on the invitations...or to dress as their fave movie star. Party favors could include disposable cameras (papparazzi?) or classic movie posters and we could use "awards" as centerpieces. I possible game idea would be to ask guests to describe the movie characters that best represent the bride and groom...and of course tell why! (heheh, J could be Shrek! lol). This one is kind of cute, but I see a few snags in it as well. Perhaps guests won't want to dress up.

Board Games
Each table could be dedicated to a different game, with the centerpiece the board and pieces. Favors could include mini/travel games. A game of trivial pursuit or 20 questions about the bride and groom could serve as some of the fun/entertainment. We could ask guests to bring games/game related gifts for the wishing well. I kind of like this one, too.

That's what I have so far. I'm sure I'll expand on some of these ideas in the future.

Hey girls, if you're reading this...take note! lol

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