Thursday, February 14, 2008


So I find that I'm not very interested in the wedding cake...or food for that matter. Food has really always been J's thing. He asked for free reign over the menu and I said ok!

However, I would like a cake that kind of matches our theme/colors.

I saw a few cakes with chocolate icing (it may have been brown fondant...) that were kind of nice, but I'm not loving anything. I also don't really like cake toppers at all! I find most of them tacky or too froofy. I've decided that there will be no cake'll be flowers instead.

I'd really love to use foliage as cake decor, but uhh, I don't see anyone wanting to eat a cake that had dead leaves picked from the ground all over it. LOL. Maybe I could buy some fake foliage to use.

I did really like this idea when I was browsing...

I think I'd prefer a chocolate color with an orange ribbon of icing. I'm not sure what those flowers are, but I do kind of like the colors. What really makes it for me are the branches. Regardless of what kind of cake we do, I now know that it must have branches!

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