Sunday, February 24, 2008

BIG Dresses!!!

I tried on a few dresses this weekend! Yikes! I've gotten BIG!!! Much bigger than I thought I was. When I saw the dress size I was in and how I looked in the dresses, I wanted to cry. It was not a fun experience at all. I know most wedding gowns run small, but that doesn't change the way I actually look. Whether they called the size a 6 or a 26, I looked big.

It's time I stop whining about my weight and do something about it. I've had a lot of failed attempts in the past, and it's usually because I give up. I don't want to be big on my wedding day. I want to be a beautiful bride. Then, I want to remain beautiful for J. He loves me the way I am. It's funny, but he honestly doesn't see me as big or fat. He just sees me and loves me. I love that about him, but wouldn't it be great if he could have a really hot wife!? :)

I started another blog to help me with my weight loss goals. Check it out.

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