Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Leafy Ideas

I found this fantastic centerpiece on the blog I mentioned in my last post, Toast and Tables. Though I don't plan on using this for my centerpieces, I think with some modifications, it'd be a simple, beautiful, and inexpensive way to decorate my cake table. I've heard suggestions about using the MoH/BM boquets for the cake table, but I think I'd prefer something different. I could buy short vases, or even votive holders, and cut branches of changing leaves short and place them in the containers. I might even use a few tall containers like these and place them on the place card table.

Speaking of place card tables, I also found this fantastic leafy idea for them! Once again, I found this image on the Toast and Tables blog. I also read something on Martha Stewart's website about how to preserve/press changing leaves. I don't think I'd use the leaves on the table, as I'd prefer a richly autumn colored or printed tablecloth, but I really like the card idea. I was also thinking about trying a variation of this...

I could press changing leaves, then buy a gold marker/pen and write the guests names and table number directly onto the leaf. I'm not sure how well it'll work, but come autumn, you can bet I'll be trying it.

I'm more excited for this autumn than I ever have been before. I'm glad that I'll have this year's autumn to try some of the DIY ideas I've found/thought of, and know whether or not they'll work. I know I'll need to keep season-dependent materials to a minimum, as I'll actually have limited time to gather these supplies during my actual wedding season, but I'm still psyched!

Please forgive all the white space around the images. I'm not exactly tech savvy, so cutting out the parts of the images that I didn't want to include left me with all that blank...

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