Monday, February 11, 2008

Color and Theme Choices

I'm having a difficult time deciding whether I want my colors or a theme to guide my decisions about the ceremony and reception.

Also, I had my colors set. I was soooo sure what I wanted, but now I've been thinking about changing it a bit.

Originally, I had decided on brown, orange, and gold. Now, I'm thinking about brown, moss, and silver. I think I'm most likely going to stick with my first set of colors, as the gold and orange remind me more of autumn than the silver and moss. Silver and moss remind me more of spring.

I don't want it to end up looking like a Halloween party, so I thought the gold would offset the brown/orange combo nicely. I could also incorporate creams and ivories into that pallette with ease. I found this picture at and it's a pretty good visual of the shades I'm considering:

It's a nice chocolate brown with muted oranges...nothing bright and shocking...very late autumn, especially when you add gold to the scheme.

The theme I am considering is autumn harvest. However, when I think of that, I end up thinking indian corn and pumpkins...more like a country theme.

This is what I want to avoid if I go with a harvest theme:

I think I might just incorporate harvest elements into the color scheme. I like some of the harvest elements, as shown in this picture:

I like the small pumpkins and gourds. I would probably also add some apples and/or pears to the theme. No indian corn. No hay. No gingham patterns. No jack-o-lantern sized pumpkins.

I know exactly what I want to do for my centerpieces. I'd like to use natural colored bushel baskets and fill them with gourds, leaves, apples and pears. Then, I'd tie brown and gold or brown and orange ribbon around the center of the basket.

Ribbon: I like the brown ribbon because I think it would tie in nicely with the type of invitation I might use.

I'd like to use a textured ribbon for the orange and gold to create a little more visual interest.

I'm not really sure about this shade of orange. Next to the brown and the natural colored basket, it might work ok, but I'll probably go with something a little more muted.

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