Monday, February 11, 2008

Bridal Party Attire

This post is all about the bridal party attire!!! I'll begin with the bridesmaid dresses because they were the easiest decision to make. I knew I wanted my girls to wear brown. Then, I thought about adding orange and/or gold elements in the form of shoes and accessories. I also know that I want cocktail length dresses. Firstly, these are usually more affordable for the girls. Also, I like the way they look. These are the types of dresses that my girls could wear as guests to another wedding if they liked. It wouldn't be a one-time deal for them. I found all of my bridesmaid options on David's Bridal. I've narrowed it down to three choices. Two of the dresses are the same, but one picture shows it with a sash and one does not.

This dress was my first choice. It's simple and it comes in the color I like. I think it would fit a variety of body types, which is important, as all of my girls are very different shapes and sizes. I have the option of adding a nice sash to this dress. The picture shows a pink sash. Picture it with a nice muted orange instead...

This dress is my second choice. I actually like it more than the first, but I don't think it's going to offer the versatility in size and fit as the first one. I'm going to have all three girls try both dresses on before I decide.

I'm still very undecided about my Junior Bridesmaid's dress. She'll only be 7 by the wedding, so I don't necessarily want to dress her up like a grown-up. I chose to make her a Jr. Bridesmaid because I'm not really into the whole flower-girl thing. I think she might end up in a very pretty orange dress with a wide ribbon at the waist. I have no pics yet because I haven't looked much for her dress yet.

Onto wedding dresses!!! I thought I knew exactly the kind of dress I wanted...then I started looking, and realized I want them all! I do have a price range to consider. I'd rather not spend more than $500 before alterations. Ideally, I wouldn't spend more than $300 before alterations, but that might be a bit unrealistic. I'm not going to bother posting pics of the dresses that are way out of my price range, so I've managed to narrow it down to these for now...

This is my favorite. Unfortunately, I can't post a picture of the entire dress. Here is the link for my first choice.

My next choice dress has this beautiful full length jacket that I think would be stunning for an autumn wedding... Click here to see the entire dress.

My third choice is this beautiful two toned dress with a split skirt:

I actually think the second dress is probably what I"ll end up with...or something very similar to it. The more I look at it, the more I realize it really reflects the look I'm going for.

No matter what dress I wear, it will not be white. It'll either be gold, like the first picture, or ivory/cream.

All dress pictures are from David's Bridal. I do have some other dresses on my favorites list, but I'm too lazy to post them right now, and none of them stand out for me the way these do.

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