Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Backed Off? Not completely...

I was talking to my *bff* MK today about backing off some of the wedding obsession I've had lately. I feel like I've done all I can do at this point. There isn't really much left to say about it at this point. Even if I were actually engaged, I couldn't do much right now. Sure, we could book a venue and DJ and stuff, but beyond that, it's terribly far ahead for me to really do much, especially about a dress.

Yet, here I am, still typing away about all this!

I think that's going to be my biggest obstacle...the dress. The rest of it is "easy." I know what kind of wedding I want. I don't know what kind of dress I want anymore. Sure, I've posted pictures about dresses that I really like, but after having tried a few on, I feel lost. I have a few requirements for my dress, but an exact idea just isn't there. Also, my size and my hair make it difficult for me to get excited about it. I'm not happy about the way I look. How can I be happy about the way I'll look in a wedding dress. At least I can narrow down my choices...those few requirements I have should help when the time comes to shop. I even have some requirements about shoes and accessories. What are they, you ask?

The dress must be either champagne or gold. No ivory, as I've discovered that ivory is still too white for my personal taste.

I really really really don't know about this. I love the portrait necklines. I think they are so classic and pretty, but I also like strapless dresses. I know I don't want a high neckline or a sweetheart neckline.

I either want long sleeves (in the form of a jacket) or none at all...

Originally I thought it had to be an A-line. Now, I think I could do either an A-line or a ballgown, as long as the ballgown isn't too outrageously poofy!

No train! Or at least a very very short train that can be bustled easily.

Headpiece and veil:
NO VEILS WHATSOEVER!!! Can I make that any clearer? LOL
Headpiece should be a delicate tiara in a gold tone with offwhite pearls and maybe some colored beads.

Gold and inexpensive. I can't see spending a bunch of money on shoes that will hardly be noticed under my dress.
Slippers for reception dancing after all the formalities are finished.

Depending on my neckline, I may go with a simple necklace to match my tiara.
If I go sleeveless, I'd like to wear an antique bracelet that was my grandmother's. My cousin has the matching one. I might ask if that can be my "something borrowed."

I've decided already on a 1940s style. I have a picture of a New Year's Eve where I wore a "pageboy" style. My hair looked awesome that night! Hehehe. I might do that, or maybe one of the other popular styles from the time that sweep the hair back loosely.

I wish I had more artistic talents so I could sketch some dresses that I'd like!

So yeah, my point is that I have not backed off completely, just that sometimes I don't know what to say about it. Also, I'm glad I have a bit better idea about what I want from a dress.

I have more to write, but I'm going to do so in a different post because this one is long enough!

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