Saturday, March 22, 2008

Music: Recessional

I've been having a hard time deciding on processional and recessional music. I know I have time to work it's just that music really sets a mood for me. I came across this song and I really really like it: Ingrid Michaelson - Take Me the Way I Am

At first, I was really excited about it. Now, I just want to add it to the list of possibilities. Sometimes, I think I'd like something really cute and romantic. Other times, I think I'd like something fun(ny) that is reflective of us.

Possible Recessional Music:
Ingrid Michaelson - Take Me the Way I Am
Something from Star Wars
Farscape Theme Music
Something from the LoTR Soundtrack (also considering for processional, so much pretty music)
Celtic Music
Medieval Babes (sp)
Super Mario Bros. Theme Song (I really like this one...heheheh - omg the processional could be the dungeon music...rofl - sorry, was taken away for a minute there...I'm back now)

I had a bunch of other possibilities in my head, but they flew away just a minute ago...

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