Saturday, March 22, 2008

Progress Post / Update

It's been a few days since I've posted here...oh noes! LOL

I actually joined an LJ community for wedding plans, so I've mostly been posting there and gathering inspiration from a lot of other lovely and creative brides.

J and I have an appointment on Thursday, April 3rd at 6:30 with our preffered venue, Inne of the Abingtons. I really hope we can swing the deposit this month to save our date...assuming we like them. It's funny, but unless I go there and hate the staff, I've pretty much decided on them already. We can hold our ceremony and reception there. The scenery is great. The prices are reasonable. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well.

I also spoke to a photographer whose work I like. I visited her website, Melissa Ann Portraits. She's just breaking into wedding photography. What drew me to her were A) Her nature photos (they are gorgeous) and B) her reasonable prices. She said if we book this year, she'll secure her rates for us for next year. Squeeeeeeee. I told her we'd be in touch after booking the venue. I think she can do what I want for our photos. We aren't into having a huge album full of pics of us getting ready, etc. What I really want are pics that will incorporate the autumn into our shots, not just use it as a backdrop. I have a feeling she can do that (but of course, we'll talk about it when we meet).

So yeah, that's that. I'm still dieting/trying to lose weight. My hair is finally starting to grow out. I might even be able to get a half decent ponytail in a month or two. lol.

Most of our family and friends know the engagement news. His poor mom still doesn't, but that's a long story. He or both of us will tell her soon, I'm sure. I don't think it's really going to matter to her one way or another anyway.

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